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Irisn, ceramic series playing with iridescence reflections

“...Its crystals talk to us
Sometimes we look like its rays
Once we look like its distant voice
We stand among its flares...”
Andreas Empeirikos

Emerging from the desire to interpret the distribution of light through Fresnel lenses, used in the light devices of lighthouses, this line of objects; a light sconce, a set of three decorative plates and a floor pot enarmonizes with sun, stone and sea.

Competition, Experimental

Research, Concept, Design, Technical drawings
Shapes, details, colours and textures of surfaces, all are inspired from the iridescence reflections of Fresnel lenses. The objects are casted by hand from white earthenware clay and then they are glazed and waterproofed. This results in a colourful semi-gloss finishing. The effect is the product of firing in an oxidation kiln, using a mix of red iron oxide, ice blue or even lime green as colourants, a reminiscence of the ancient glazes perhaps.
Leaning wittingly, the curves of the elongated pot create a dramatic effect of shapes and colours dancing with light. A golden touch is added to elaborate this motion and invigorate the “lighthouse spark”.
The decorative plates are casted in a modern, sophisticated shape with raised rims. Without any gaps on their surface, the light in that case, is indicated from a golden painted strip in the middle of a concave formation.
In the sconce, of semi-cylindrical shape open above and below, the light comes also through an aperture on the front, emphasizing the special concave shape, molding on the surface.
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