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synPlayxis - Nurturing growth and innovation

Every company has a unique personality that is shaped from early on. Its characteristics are influencing the way the company works, deals with risk and complexity, approaches innovation and growth. Basically every aspect of its operations. We have seen many examples of "paralysed" companies reacting slowly to the ever changing landscape or of startups not achieving expected growth as they scale. At Playxis we believe that every organisation, large corporations to startups, can develop the right personality, the right ways of working, the right attitude and mindset that can lead to sustainable growth and continuous innovation giving them the edge to thrive.
Executive program

Workshop, Seminar/Webinar, Keynote
We have developed synPlayxis, stemming from our deep experience working in Fortune 500 companies, in order to help business leaders discover, develop and shape their company's DNA towards a mindest that nurtures innovation and apply ways of working that embrace complexity and empower growth. Through a series of flexible workshops, your team will learn values and principles that are the basis for this change. With tangible key points and exercises you will operationalise those principles and develop the individual personality of your company.

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

The material of this course is a combination of theory and practice. We are leveraging existing frameworks from design, digital transforamtion and other areas side by side with custom exercises and inspirational discussions that create an engaging and immersive experience with tangible outcomes that you can start using right away. Together with your executive or management team, we will develop the appropriate program depending on your specific needs. The course is flexible and can be launched as a full or partial learning experience. After the full course you can expect that you will have:
  • - solid understanding of the values and principles
  • - the tools to operationalise the principles and their key points
  • - evaluated the current situation in your company
  • - identified key challenges and opportunities
  • - developed key metrics and measures
  • - an action plan to get you moving towards the right direction
Within the scope of this course we are actively supporting the startup community of Greece, especially in their early stage and we have partner with MIT Entrepreneurship Forum Greece to offer the fundamental elements of our framework to the startup community.
We are looking forward to take this journey with you. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.
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